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why you should choose svc labs
SVC Labs

Why Choose SVC Labs?

At SVC Labs, we are dedicated to being the best in the business. We take a proactive approach to our clients’ white-label needs. We pride ourselves on principles of sustainability, quality, and honesty – we only source food grade, pharmaceutical, or organic ingredients from ethical suppliers. This allows us to create some of the best CBD, supplement, and e-liquid brands on the market. 

Excellent Range of Products 

Our product offering focuses on these 4 categories:

  • CBD
  • E-Liquids
  • Supplements
  • Hand Sanitiser


As a CBD manufacturer, we can produce a huge variety of CBD infused products with different cannabidiol extracts. We have an abundance of experience producing CBD infused oils, e-liquids, edibles, cosmetics, and drinks. Each of these products contains only the finest cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, organically grown in BIO soil with no use of GMOs. We can provide full-spectrum CBD extracts with either 0.05% or 0.02% THC, broad-spectrum extract, or CBD isolate. Our CBD products include:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Oral Sprays
  • CBD E-Liquids
  • CBD Cosmetics (roll-on, lip balm, body butter, facemask, eye serum, moisturiser, hand cream, etc). 
  • CBD Edibles (gummies, vegan sweets, etc).
  • CBD Nasal Sprays
  • CBD Soft Drinks


We are one of the largest TPD compliant e-liquid manufacturers & distributors in Europe, providing manufacturing solutions to over 1000 companies worldwide. We go through the entire process from start to finish: beginning with flavour development, through to production, design, bottling, and finally distribution. Our e-liquid products include:

  • Shortfills

These are bottles sized between 25ml to 200ml. The e-liquid contains no nicotine – instead, extra space is left inside the bottle so the customer can pour in their desired nicotine shots. These nicotine shots are unflavoured and contain nicotine diluted with PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) to 1.8% – or 18mg. 

  • Freebase Nicotine

This is the standard form of nicotine that has always been used in vaping products. It is commonly associated with feeling a ‘throat hit’, and can vary in strength from 3mg up to 18mg. 

  • Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salt e-liquids provide customers with an alternative to traditional freebase nicotine. These e-liquids can contain a higher nicotine content but have a much smoother and softer throat hit. Additionally, the flavour profile will train strong. These are ideal for those looking to quit smoking, as they mimic the feeling of a traditional cigarette. 

  • Concentrates

Concentrates are the flavours that are used when we create e-liquid flavours. These are formulated by flavourists who aim to mimic the flavour profiles of real-world foods/ drinks. They can either be simple or complex – most are simple (e.g. blackcurrant or biscuit), but some are more complex (e.g. lemon meringue pie or pina colada). 

  • Aromas

Aromas are pre-blended mixes of concentrates. They are similar to shortfills, except they have the PG/VG carriers removed. This means more advanced vapers can mix aromas with different quantities of PG and VG, and nicotine, in order to have more control over their e-liquid.


We offer a range of private label supplement services: you can choose from our existing formulations or work with us to create a new custom formulation. Our designers can then produce labels that suit your brand identity – we can print these on our digital printers. Lastly, we will package and label your supplements ready for shipping. Alternatively, you can buy bulk supplements from us at competitive prices and take care of the packaging yourself. Our supplement products include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Supplements
  • Powders
  • Tablets & Capsules
  • Raw Ingredients
  • Sachets
  • Stick Pack
  • Sublingual Tablets

Hand Sanitiser

More recently, we have begun manufacturing hand sanitiser products. Our 60% or 70% alcohol formulations (WHO Formulation 1) kills 99.9% of bacteria and is moisturising to the skin. Our products are available for bulk purchase, or we can work with you to create white-label hand sanitiser products. Our products include:

  • 60% or 70% Alcohol Gel
  • 50ml, 100ml, 300ml, 500ml, 5 Litre, and IBC
  • Touch-Free Hand Sanitiser Stations

Excellent Range of Services

We can offer a range of services, including white-label manufacturing, co-packing, bulk wholesale goods, fulfilment & drop-shipping, research & development, branding & design, and global distribution. 

The primary service we offer is white-label manufacturing. We have 3 different white-label packages that you can choose from – each one consisting of a different selection of the following services:

  • Research & Development
  • Branding & Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Labelling & Packaging
  • Fulfilment & Drop-Shipping

Make sure you check out our white-label page for more information. 

Years of Experience

The team at SVC Labs have years of experience in their respective trades, ranging from production, research and development, to design and marketing. Whatever your needs, we can fulfil them! 

This experience has been accumulated with years of working within the manufacturing industry. Throughout those years we have been winners, as well losers – this means that we have been able to learn and perfect our manufacturing practises allowing an error-free and efficient service of which we are proud to offer.

Anything you can throw at us, we can help!

hand sanitiser manufacturingState-of-the-art Equipment

Our facility here in the UK is home to some of the best manufacturing equipment – we have invested wisely over the years to ensure we can maximise efficiency and quality. 

We have a fully automated OMAS 10ml production line with V2 Cartomisier. This has the capacity to finish 75,600 units per day. Secondly, we have an automated multi-line for 10ml-500ml with the capacity for 35,280 units per day. Lastly, we have a semi-automated co-packing multi-line with the capacity for 28,000 units per day. 

On top of this, our research and development team have a designated laboratory equipped with the best tools needed for the job.

Dedicated Team

We are proud to have a team of individuals who believe passionately in our principles of quality, sustainability, and honesty. We are all dedicated to making an impact in the market of CBD, e-liquids, and supplements, and bringing a next-level service to every one of our clients. Our talented, experienced, motivated industry specialists are the driving force behind SVC Labs

ISO GMPISO Certification

At SVC Labs, we are ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 certified. 

The ISO 9001 certification verifies that our company has a strong customer focus, an excellent management system, and is continuously improving. This helps us to ensure that our customers consistently get good-quality products and services. 

The ISO 14001 certification verifies that our company has an effective environmental management system. This provides assurance to us, our employees, and our clients that our environmental impact is being consistently measured and improved. 

The ISO 22000 certification verifies that we meet food safety management standards. It allows us to identify and control food safety hazards, ensuring that all food products are safe for the consumer.

Manufacturing Accreditations

We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved – this means we conform to the guidelines set by agencies that control the manufacturing of food, drinks, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

This accreditation verified that we meet the requirements set to assure that our products are consistently high in quality from batch-to-batch. The primary purpose of GMP is to ensure that we always prevent harm from occurring to the consumer. 


Get in touch with us today via our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!