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What is Hemp & Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. One of more than a hundred known cannabinoids found in hemp, a plant in the cannabis family. First discovered in 1940, fast-forward 80 years and cannabidiol (CBD) has fast become one of the most talked-about phenomena linked to supporting good health and promoting wellbeing.

Innovation over decades has meant cannabidiol (CBD) can be consumed in multiple ways.


Taking cannabidiol (CBD) orally

One of the cleanest and most popular ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD) is orally via the sublingual glands, found under the tongue. CBD is consumed by placing droplets via a pipette under the tongue and holding them there 60 seconds. The CBD is then absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual glands with studies showing up to 8% absorption. SVC Labs produce a wide range of CBD oil products suitable for taking orally including CBD infused supplements in tincture, tablet and capsule form.

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Vaping cannabidiol (CBD)

Vaping CBD offers maximum bioavailability with studies suggesting absorption of up to 50% when consumed via the lungs capillaries. CBD enters the lungs air sacs, these tiny air sacs are only one cell thick and they are surrounded by capillaries that are also only one cell thick. Blood from the heart flows through these capillaries and collects oxygen from the alveoli and transports the cannabidiol around the body. SVC Labs have a wide range of products suitable for vaping from CBD e-liquids, CBD wax crumbles and CBD Isolate.


Cannabidiol (CBD) cosmetics

The CBD industry has seen a sharp increase in the number of topical and transdermal CBD infused products available, with studies suggesting up to 45% bioavailability. SVC Labs have a vast CBD offering for cosmetics, topical and transdermal products ranging from CBD roll-ons, CBD lip balms, CBD body butters, CBD facemasks, CBD eye serums, CBD moisturisers, and CBD hand creams.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) edibles

CBD edibles are one of the hottest cannabis-derived products on the market right now. On the high street you can find a whole host of products ranging from cannabidiol infused gummy bears, CBD chocolates and even CBD honey. SVC Labs have invested heavily in perfecting cannabidiol infusion with a variety of CBD edibles available to white label/co-pack.


Intranasal cannabidiol (CBD)

Intranasal CBD products are insufflated through the nose from either topical administration or systemic administration. Our Intranasal CBD products offer quick administration and fast acting, intranasal CBD products At SVC Labs we have refined CBD nasal products suitable for Intranasal consumption such as CBD nasal sprays.

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Cannabidiol soft-drinks

Cannabis-infused soft-drinks are here and they’ve made it to the high-street with a number of CBD brands successfully launching CBD infused soft-drinks in supermarkets and health stores. Whether you’re looking to infuse a single cannabinoid such as cannabidiol (CBD) or create your own bespoke infused formulation, SVC has you covered.

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All of SVC Labs produced CBD products contain only the finest cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, organically grown in BIO soil with no pesticides, herbicides or nasties.


Our CBD extracts

All our CBD products contain only the finest cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, grown organically in BIO soil with no herbicides, pesticides, or nasties.



Pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate.



Broad-spectrum cannabinoid (CBD) rich hemp extract.