Research & Development

Product integrity, safety, and quality are of the utmost importance to us - never settle for
anything other than perfection! This is the principle we apply when developing our CBD, e-liquid and supplements at SVC Labs.

Research & Development

Many flavour houses and supplement and CBD manufactures assign themselves a restrictive number of raw ingredients and flavours to work with, here at SVC Labs restriction is very much off the menu.

Our Research & Development team apply science and ingenuity to create the very best custom formulas and combinations, ensuring your CBD, e-liquid or supplement brand creates products that are distinct and stand out in the industry.

We pride ourselves on finding optimal flavour pairings, and recipe combinations using ingredients sourced from all over the world, this is how we produce the best CBD, e-liquid and supplement products.

Our lab team bring an unrivaled level of expertise in areas such as cannabinoid tincture formulation and supplement infusion like CBD infused soft-drinks and cosmetics.

our promise
Years of chemical engineering experience has allowed us to seamlessly flavor-match any e-liquid product on the market.